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On the road with Joy Lewis.

Scrambler enthusiast Joy Lewis rides across California. On the road she meets three individualists, who do their own thing and also love riding motorcycles.


Driven by their passion, they make their own rules instead of just following trends. Always searching for inspiration and new experiences.

May we introduce: Stephen Kenn, Scott Campbell und Hayden Roberts.

The three individualists are designer Stephen Kenn, tattoo artist Scott Campbell and customiser Hayden Roberts, who also organises vintage motorcycle races.

Together with Joy Lewis, they take a trip through California's fascinating cities and landscapes and talk about their professions and passions. Accompanying them is the R nineT Scrambler – the perfect sidekick on this trip.

"Bikes are in many ways just this freedom. You're so engaged and everything around you kind of comes into focus."

- Stephen Kenn

Stephen Kenn's Instagram.

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"I love the idea that you’re not constricted to a road. You can do a little bit of on-road, you can do a little bit of off-road.”

- Hayden Roberts


Scott Campbell.

Campbell is a popular tattoo artist in LA. Celebrities like Orlando Bloom and Marc Jacobs are among his customers. You want to know more about him and his experience with the R nineT Scrambler? Just sign up for our newsletter - as soon as his Scrambler story is online, we will let you know.


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