„Whatever I’m doing, it should make me happy.“

Interview with vintage racer and Scrambler fan Joy Lewis.

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Why follow the herd when being beyond the mainstream can be so much more fun? Joy Lewis does her name full justice. An interview with a cheerful soul that doesn’t comply but follows her own rules.

Joy, since when are you fascinated about motorcycles?

I’ve always had some draw to bikes I suppose. My dad used to tell stories of his heathen upbringing rallying bikes around the desert. When I was 12 my grandpa taught me to ride his little Honda and while I crashed it definitely gave me the bug. When I think about bikes and riding bikes I think about the thrill, the exploring, how all my senses are peaked, and the ongoing learning that happens every time I’m on a bike.

You’ve been on “Babes Ride Out”. What is it all about?

Babes Ride Out is an all girls motorcycle meet-up in the desert. In theory it is an incredible idea about creating an environment where women riders, both new and experienced, young and old, from all over can get together and share a passion for riding.

But aren’t there still only few women riding motorcycles?

At this point 14% of riders are women and I see that continuing to grow as it is becoming more accessible with smaller, lighter bikes and women’s gear. I don’t like to dwell on their being a difference between men and women riding. I ride and race alongside boys everyday and more often than not I am more committed to the lifestyle and beating boys around the track.

Where would you still like to go with a motorcycle?

Everywhere! I can’t think of any trip I’d like to take where it doesn’t involve spending time on a bike. For me it makes a more engaged experience. As for trips I’m actively planning, I want to ride up to Alaska, my home state. I would love to spend time riding in South America too. I’d love to be back in Europe on a bike… the list goes on and on.

What would your perfect day with the R nineT Scrambler look like?

Get up early in the morning, pack up the bike with a change of clothes, a bunch of layers, my lean to and a few camp supplies and just hitting the road with no place in mind and no time I had to be there. I love making trips happen on the fly and finding incredible roads by picking the brains of the local diner patrons. A bike like the Scrambler has the ability to go anywhere so there’s really no need to plan ahead.

The R nineT Scrambler stands for freedom, the non-conformal and untamed lifestyle. What makes you feel free and independent?

Wow! Deep question. My family never put any limitations on me surrounding what girls. So I’ve never viewed anything out of my realm of ability. I’ve had a sense of independence since I was quite young and that freedom was supported and encouraged by my family. Let’s be honest, with a name like joy, there’s an unspoken expectation that I’m not a total downer so I suppose I just make sure whatever I’m doing at any given time is making me happy.

First presenting the bike to the world and now riding it: Is that what you expected?

It’s better! I had reservations around its ability off-road given its powerful motor and the boxer configuration but it handled incredibly and the power was smooth. As far as look goes, I have a real appreciation for the classic BMW styling and while this is an updated bike, it’s not too modern in appearance. 

Is there any life motto or saying you would like to share?

Today’s the day. Or: Dessert first. I suppose they mean the same thing.

Eventually, complete this sentence: “For me, riding a motorbike is all about ...“


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"When I'm on a bike, it's like an adrenaline. It's exciting, there's thrill, there's moments of scare, there's joy. That really is what it is. It's just this feeling of love."
- Joy Lewis


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